Introducing SCNC 2020 Committee

President – Lisa Nairn

Vice President – Lilli Rasheed

Secretary – Emma Stokes

Treasurer – Cecelia Parsons

Recording Officer – Meredith McArthur

Head Coach – Nel Middleton

Marketing and Media – Heather Holmes

Sponsorship – Clea Vetch

HNA Representative – Libby Tweeddale

Child Safety / Member Protection Office – Libby Tweeddale

Umpire Coordinator – Trudy Mossop

Uniform Coordinator – Julie Quigley


A big WELCOME to the committee; Emma, Lilli and Clea. Thank you for putting your hands up for a committee role, we look forward to your input for Season 2020.

Thank you to both Hannah and Anthony who have both stepped down from the committee. Thanks, Hannah for your efforts over the last couple of season with fundraising around junior social events – movie and disco queen! Anthony, thank you again for all of your hours of work on behalf of the Stirling Comets, particularly the behind the scenes work with Council and negotiations around a new home for the Comets.


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