How to register for Comets in 2019

We hope you’re all looking forward to another active, fun and competitive season of netball.

Comets Junior and Senior Registrations for 2019 are now open.

NetSetGo registrations – Open soon!

All registrations in 2019 must be completed online or via the app.

Now, to register, you will need a username and password (as well as your recent Medicare and credit/debit card details).

If you (or your child) have played netball anywhere in South Australia in the last five years, you will have a MyNetball username and password. But don’t panic if you do not know what these are, as someone else (not you) could have entered your details into the site or you may have just forgotten it.

How To Register

There are two ways to register.

1. My Netball App.

Players simply download the app…


and then follow these instructions:

The App also includes the following features:

  • My Network – follow your club or association
  • My Competitions – See ladders for your club or association that you follow
  • Match Centre – create customised fixtures comprising live or upcoming games in your network.


2. Click on the Link Below (MyNetball website)

Once you have clicked on the registration link below you will be redirected to the MyNetball welcome page, scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Get Started’.

Welcome screen:

Then you will be confronted with a login screen with options. It is likely once of these 3 scenarios apply to you (see pic):

    If you are super organised and have this at your fingertips, simply login! You are a special kind of person.
    This probably describes you (whether you have previously registered with the Comets or someone else).
    If so, simply hit Forgotten Login Details and follow the steps.
    Press Continue.

Once logged in. Simply fill (or update what you need to if you have registered in previous years) in the form.

Look out for these (if they are applicable – see Fast Facts below):

  • Family discount
  • Sports Vouchers

At the end you will need to get out your credit/debit card and pay your annual fees (“Thanks” in advance).

If you need to register a second person, you are given the option to do this without having to start again.


Clear as mud?
If you get stuck please email Meredith McArthur at like this:

  • Subject: Registration issue for Player Name
  • Brief description (including the wrong/old email address and the new/preferred email address if that is the issue).

Fast facts:

  • Registration fees for juniors and seniors are $165 per player.
  • Officially, online registrations close Saturday February 23 for Juniors and Seniors (so we can organise grading and our teams in time!).
  • There is a $40 coaches reimbursement if they have any registered family member (including themselves) playing for the Comets in 2019. However, coaches do not have to pay registration fees unless they are playing.
  • There is a family discount of $16.50 or 10% per second senior or junior registration in one family.
  • You can claim a Sports Voucher ($100 rebate) if your child is registered at a primary school (only) and they have not claimed a Sports Voucher for any other sport in 2019.
  • Netball SA are offering a payment plan this year where you can choose to pay up to 4 monthly instalments (not available when sports voucher is applied).


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