Hentley Farm Special Wine Offer

In case you missed this at presentation day, our generous sponsor, Hentley Farm Wines is providing some of their beautiful wines to help raise funds for the Comets.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to do something special for your club and your palate.

Please place your online order before October 10 by CLICKING HERE (make sure you provide your email address at the end!)

  • Hentley Farm, Blanc de Noir NV
    Sparkling White
  • Hentley Farm, Poppy 2016
    Field Blend White Wine, Chardonnay dominant               
    Hentley Farm, The Rogue 2016
    Field Blend Red Wine, Grenache dominant               
  • Hentley Farm, Neighbours and Friends
    Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Hentley Farm, Dry Red
    Cabernet dominant                                                                      


Please make sure you provide your email address at the end!


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