[ATTENTION] Check location of games, Heathfield courts will not be used for 3 rounds

As a background to all of these slightly frustrating court relocations – there have been a number of complaints raised about the slippery state of the Heathfield courts (including the Stirling Comets). These have either been sent directly to Heathfield, the HNA or Council.

On Friday 11 June, a meeting was held at Heathfield courts and attended by SCNC, HNC, Council reps, Netball SA reps, HNA reps, the installer of the Plexipave surface and a court cleaning company. Heathfield had the courts cleaned by a separate court cleaning company in early May.

Outcome – the owner of the court cleaning company that attended the meeting was adamant that the courts had not been adequately cleaned or by the best method. He has guaranteed that the courts will no longer be slippery after he cleans them, or no charge to HNC. So fingers crossed it works!

The Hills Netball Association has made the decision to move all matches scheduled at Heathfield courts to other courts for the next three rounds (19 June, 26 June and 3 July). They hope that specialised court cleaning will occur during this time and will solve the problem of the slippery surface.

Please refer to the HNA program for details of where matches will be played during these weeks.


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